Casa Arcoiris - Playa La Ropa Hotel, Zihuatanejo

S. MZA XIII MZA 2 lote 11/EZ Colonia La Ropa, Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, 40895
+1 253 653 8676 | U.S. Phone
+52 755 557 9813 | Mexican number

We are a small two bedroom bed and breakfast located in Zihuatanejo above one of the best beaches in the area, Playa La Ropa. Each room will have a gorgeous view of the bay and ocean from a private terrace. Inside the beautifully decorated rooms we have air conditioning, upgraded mattresses, wi-fi, internet connected televisions, small refrigerators and bottled water . The infinity pool on the roof will has a spectacular view of the surrounding hills and the ocean while also ensuring the privacy and security of our guests.

We are a gay owned and operated B&B that is open and welcoming to all!

Jesus and I opened our B&B so that we could build a home and a business that would allow us to be together despite the wall between our two countries (U.S. and Mexico). Our goal is to make our guests feel at home, just like they would on a private getaway. Jesus and I will offer you unique insights into Zihuatanejo sights and activities that perhaps many other places may not. In that vein we also offer bicycles, snorkeling equipment and coolers to rent and use while you are here so that you can enjoy the many natural features that Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa offer. We live on the property with our 2 dogs (Layla and Kayla) and 1 cat (Sahara who is 18 years old) and we offer a pet friendly option for your furry family members who come along for the vacation.Furthermore, at Casa Arcoiris, we do not discriminate for sexual orientation, race, or nationality. Our focus is on providing a relaxing, romantic and fun vacation for people of all sexual orientations. We are a unique, gay owned and operated, bed and breakfast in Zihuatanejo that focuses on the travel needs of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer)community and our allies. 

One of our key commitments is to minimizing our impact on the beautiful environment of Zihuatanejo and our planet in general. We actively look for materials and products that can be re-used and recycled. This includes using soaps and shampoos that are made from natural products and dispensed in reusable containers rather than the disposable containers used in many other establishments. LED bulbs have been installed throughout the facility as well as energy efficient appliances and air conditioning. In the near future all of these items will be powered by solar panels installed on our roof for clean and renewable energy.

Safety is often a concern for those traveling to Mexico and we take those concerns seriously. Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa is located within a tourist zone and receives additional security from the Mexican government and is quite safe. Additionally our B&B is located on a street that is monitored by camera operated by the municipal government. We live in this town and feel free and safe to enjoy ourselves and we will share with you our knowledge and tips so that you can do the same on your vacation. We feel very comfortable in telling you that Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa is a safe and secure place to enjoy the wonderful culture of Mexico.

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Pez Vela Room

Offering luxury and comfort, our suite is one of the best hotel rooms in Zihuatanejo. We have enabled a range of amenities and facilities to compliment your stay at Casa Arcoiris.

The Master Suite comes with a King-size bed and amenities like air conditioning and complimentary internet access. There is also a small kitchen located within the room with stove/oven, small microwave and mini-fridge. The bathroom area includes a full size closet with two sinks, full size shower and large dressing mirror. Finally the large private terrace provides spectacular views to enjoy while sipping your favorite drink or dozing in the hammock.

Iguana Room

The room offers the comfort of a homely stay and the facilities of a boutique hotel property. 

Enjoy the cozy comfort of a King-size bed and amenities like internet connected television,complimentary continental breakfast, air conditioning and private porch with stunning views.
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  • Walking distance from the beach
  • High thread count sheets
  • Luxurious 100% cotton towels
  • Purified water
  • Private Terraces with a spectacular views of the bay and surrounding mountains
  • Infinity Swimming Pool with bar area
  • Shared Kitchen Access