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LGBT Pride Zihuatanejo 2019

July 5th through the 7th is LGBT pride weekend here in Zihuatanejo. This is a small community affair organized by a few individuals. There are no large corporate sponsorships and the participants are generally from the community.

While the LGBT community is generally accepted in Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa there is still much that the community can learn about accepting us. My partner and I feel generally safe being out in public and occasionally showing public displays of affection (i.e. kissing, hand holding, touching, etc.). Transgender, bi-sexual and intersex people though find less acceptance and the public is less educated about them. There is still a lot of pressure for LGBT individuals to marry and have children which can lead to suppressed and unsafe sexual practices. It is our hope and goal that supporting events like this will help the LGBT community to be more healthier both mentally and physically.

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