The age of Covid-19

Jesus and I have been thinking, hopefully, about when travel restrictions are lifted and people can start traveling again and come enjoy the beauty of Zihuatanejo safely. We want to make sure that we are doing all we reasonably can to provide a safe space for our guests to come and relax and here are some of the precautions we will be implementing and some of our built in advantages to other larger locations.

Our built in advantages

  1. Our small size, with only two rentable rooms, means that our guests will not be crowded in with many other guests. This makes social distancing easier.

  2. Our building has an open air design which means that air flows easily through our common areas. While this design was done intentionally for energy savings (environmentally friendly), it has the added benefit of making it harder for a virus to become concentrated in our common areas.

  3. Our rooms have ductless mini-split air conditioning. Once again, this was done for energy savings. It also has the added advantage of being better at isolating air in our individual rooms. Because there is no exchange between rooms compared to common HVAC systems, there is no chance of an airborne virus being carried between rooms.