Why are we focused on the LGBT community

Many people ask us why we it is necessary for us to market ourselves as an LGBT hotel/B&B. Can't gay people just stay in the same places everyone else does? The simple answer is that of course gay people can stay in the same places everyone else does, but the real answer is much more complicated than that.

As a gay person who has traveled quite a bit myself I would often look for places that were marketing to the gay/LGBT community because I knew I would feel comfortable there. When we travel to a new place we aren't always sure how the local culture or community will react to LGBT individuals. Will the person behind the counter treat us poorly when they find out that we are two guys staying in a room with a single bed? Will we be asked to refrain from public displays of affection when we are in common areas? Is the person behind the counter going to be able to tell us what we need to do to remain safe in the community where we are staying? Will there be any information for us about local activities or gathering places for the LGBT community? These are all questions tha